Abolish Bank Secrecy!

PLAY VIDEO ►►► Hervé Falciani - HSBC whistleblower

Bank Secrecy allows individual people and organisations to have bank accounts that cannot be reviewed or controlled by authorities or anybody else. Basically it allows them to hide money from the rest of the world. The only publicly known cases of the use of secret bank accounts are criminal uses that range from political corruption and other organized crime to tax evasion.

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Go non-profit!

PLAY VIDEO ►►► Enric Duran - Fair Coop

The greatest problem humanity currently faces is the idea of profit.
Profit is the main goal of bankers, investors and CEOs. More often than not, however, it turns into a blind obsession for unlimited sales and 'growth' of business, frequently disregarding ethics, morals or even legality. This has clearly shown to have destructive consequences both for nature and the planet as for global society and humanity.

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Science as love for nature, the universe and the world that surrounds us!

PLAY VIDEO ►►► Carl Sagan 1980

At EurOpinion we think that knowing and being aware of how nature, the universe and the world that surrounds us work is an enrichment a person's life. This knowledge increases appreciation and love for this nature, this world, this universe and, indeed, this life. To some degree it's comparable to the love for music or other art forms.

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Other languages, including GENeric are work in progress.

Reactie op het commentaar van Donna op een Verenigdestaatse sociale web.

Sorry iedereen. 't Doet niets af aan de boodschap maar ik krijg er ZO ENORM de kriebels van dat de voertaal voor Nederland inmiddels het Engels is...Brrr.

Hélemaal mee eens Donna!! Erger nog, Engels als invasieve, dominante en monopoliserende taal in de hele wereld!

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BREXIT better for Europa?

PLAY VIDEO ►►►  BREXIT better for Europa?

Nobody ever seems to have asked what the European citizens think about Brexit.

In his article from before the referendum Paul Degrauwe concludes that it is not in the interest of the EU to keep a country in the union that will continue to be hostile to “l’acquis communautaire” and that will follow a strategy to further undermine it.

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Free Speech!

PLAY VIDEO ►►► Birgitta Jónsdóttir

Freedom of speech, expression and information is the most fundamental human right.

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Gender equality!

PLAY VIDEO ►►► Gender Equality

Full gender equality is a must for a healthy future development of global society.

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Mission: stimulate and strengthen European Public Opinion

A fresh look at Europa

Europa is worth a fresh look
EurOpinion sees its mission as contributing to a fresh look at and a more positive image of the united Europe in the general knowledge and collective awareness of European citizens and, where possible, bringing the European Dream back to life.
We think the European elections in may of this year 2019 are an excellent opportunity for this fresh look.


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A Green New Deal for Europa?

PLAY VIDEO ►►► Green New Deal (gen)
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Nature First!

PLAY VIDEO ►►► Climate Protest and Ecocide Law go hand in hand

Planet Earth with all its nature is the mother, the cradle and home of the human species, as it is of all life.

Nature, climate and our Earth are essential for the survival of humanity and of life itself. They should be loved, taken care of and protected. EurOpinion deems it of the highest global priority, that's why Nature is our first point of attention. Several areas can be distinguished, amongst which:

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Something radical for Europa like: Democracy!

PLAY VIDEO ►►► Democratize Europa (highlight 00:36)

There is a thirst and a hunger
for something extremely radical to happen in Europa,
like for instance... Democracy!

Yanis Varoufakis - DiEM25

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Are whistleblowers traitors?

PLAY VIDEO ►►► Whistleblowers are NOT traitors!
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A different level of thinking?

A different level of thinking!
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