Do we want a better world?

Do we want a better world?
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Is a better world possible?

Is a better world possible?
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Does a better Europa contribute to a better world?

A better Europe for a better World?
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Does Europa have the potential to be better?

Europa's potential?
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Can public opinion shape Europa's potential?

First "Chain of Thoughts"

Thank you for taking the time to follow and fill out our first, shortened, chain of thoughts.

  1. Do you want a better world?
  2. Do you think a better world is possible?
  3. Does a better Europe contribute to a better world? - results
  4. Does Europe have the potential to be better? - results
  5. Can public opinion shape Europa's potential? - results

This brief sequence of questions reflects the basic considerations of EurOpinion, which we believe may coincide with those of many people. The first two questions are so obvious, that it didn't seem necessary to ask them explicitely in this round.

This dream of a "better world" is surely abstract, possibly vague and, according to some, no more than idealistic utopia. Nevertheless, it is a dream that is shared by almost all of humanity.

EurOpinion firmly believes that it is possible, through public surveys and refining the questions in a continuous way, to reach the essence of this collective feeling and make it concrete. This may lead to practical and tangible answers that can guide us in real life as individuals and as society, whether in a quotidian, spiritual or political sense. We consider Europa to be a fertile environment for this, with also the potential to pass it on to the rest of the World.

We also believe that it is plausible to summerize the path between our participants and that better world in the mentioned just three steps. This may be shorter than many people think and precisely because of this we hope it is an incentive for you to also take the first step, especially now with the opportunity of positive change that the European elections offer us in May of this year 2019 (23 - 26, depending on the country).

Welcome to EurOpinion,


Participate or Contact
The EurOpinion platform is at the disposal of its participants to try to find out together the real interests, values ​​and priorities of Europeans, expressed as public opinion, and with it seek to help politicians to conduct Europa's potential towards a better world.
At present, EurOpinion is and individual initiative with limited time and programming know-how (Drupal), but
under insistent development. With patience and constructive feedback of the visitors the structure, navigation and contents will continuously be improved. Your suggestions are welcome (including your own questions for polls)

Thank you :)

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All That We Share

PLAY VIDEO ►►► Alt Det Vi Deler

All That We Share

We live in a time and a society where we label people with one single look. But maybe we have more in common than we think?

In the experiment of this recent and rather special promotional clip of the Danish TV 2, called "Alt Det Vi Deler" (All That We Share), several groups of people are told to stand in separate compartments. Medical staff, tough street guests, people of foreign origin... and all their differences are mentioned.

But there are also similarities! Why not focus on those?
The message touches a lot of people enough to have been widely been shared.

EurOpinion too thinks it's a beautiful message, specially on a European level, and we hope you want to share, not just the video but also your thoughts as an interesting feedback for all of us.

Thank you :) 


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Do we manifest reality with our thoughts?

PLAY VIDEO ►►► Conscious Earth

A fundamental conclusion of quantum physics acknowledges that the observer creates the reality through his conscience. According to this science, as observers, we are personally involved with the creation of our own reality by means of our thoughts and the way we think. Physicists are being forced to admit that the universe is a “mental” construction.

Pioneering physicist Sir James Jeans wrote:

The stream of knowledge is heading toward a non-mechanical reality;
the universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine.

The most interesting, useful and maybe even needed consequence of this theory (knowledge for some) is that we, as collective, all humans together, have the capacity to influence the state and future of the world and humanity itself. Something like the sum of all thoughts, feelings and intentions of each individual.

The only thing that seems to matter is whether (y)our thoughts come from a place of love or a place of hate or anger. Is this important enough to give it an enduring try, be it within Europa or outside, even if we do not fully understand or believe it?

EurOpinion certainly recommends it while using this platform ♥

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