A Dream!

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EurOpinion has a dream. A European Dream.
The Dream of a better Europa that eventually can lead to a better World. Until a few decades ago, the vast majority of European citizens shared this Dream. Unfortunately, that dream has now faded or disappeared for many Europeans because the European Union, as it currently exists, clearly does not cover that dream at all. Nowadays many people are Eurosceptic or even want to step out.

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Other languages, including GENeric are work in progress.

Reactie op het commentaar van Donna op een Verenigdestaatse sociale web.

Sorry iedereen. 't Doet niets af aan de boodschap maar ik krijg er ZO ENORM de kriebels van dat de voertaal voor Nederland inmiddels het Engels is...Brrr.

Hélemaal mee eens Donna!! Erger nog, Engels als invasieve, dominante en monopoliserende taal in de hele wereld!

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The potential of Europa, our vision

Our world is facing many fundamental problems that need to be solved very soon if we want to reach the next century with a healthy planet and society. Each of these global problems transcends the capacity of individual nations to solve them and it is clear that they can only be overcome if several countries work together to form a block strong enough to at least a start the needed great change to stop the global decline of society and nature, and maybe set an example for the rest of the world.

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Mission: stimulate and strengthen European Public Opinion

A fresh look at Europa

Europa is worth a fresh look
EurOpinion sees its mission as contributing to a fresh look at and a more positive image of the united Europe in the general knowledge and collective awareness of European citizens and, where possible, bringing the European Dream back to life.
We think the European elections in may of this year 2019 are an excellent opportunity for this fresh look.


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A different level of thinking?

A different level of thinking!
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A first step

As a first step, EurOpinion has developed a simple working model for a platform that, through ongoing opinion polls, aims to stimulate the Public European Opinion and give a voice with the aim to investigate together with the participants, in a public, transparent and interactive way, the underlying reasons for the loss of European Dream. At the same time, it examines which existing or future tools and solutions are preferred by Europeans.


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Europa of politics

Nature First?

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Go non-profit?

Abolish Bank Secrecy?