About me, in short

In summary, it comes down to the first thought chain, but then in full:

  1. I want a better world and I consciously choose to think so.
  2. I have faith that this "better" world is possible.
  3. I am convinced that a better Europe contributes to a better world.
  4. I know that Europe has the potential to be better.
  5. I think that Public Opinion should help shape and steer this potential.
  6. I see that public opinion must be made aware and informed, not least for the European elections in May.

2019. I am working on it and I invite you to participate. What is Eur Opinion?

Thankyou :)

Happy 2019! ♥

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A Dream!

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EurOpinion has a dream. A European Dream.
The Dream of a better Europa that eventually can lead to a better World. Until a few decades ago, the vast majority of European citizens shared this Dream. Unfortunately, that dream has now faded or disappeared for many Europeans because the European Union, as it currently exists, clearly does not cover that dream at all. Nowadays many people are Eurosceptic or even want to step out.
However, that European Dream and the current European Union are two completely different interpretations of the "united Europe" and often even opposite. Europinion is convinced that the European Dream has the strength to overcome this failing EU if the European citizens are provided with the knowledge and awareness to make this distinction.


Decline of world society
Europinion thinks that this loss of the "European Dream" in recent decades is part of the general decline of world society and our planet in the same period. It is experienced by many people all over the globe through financial and social crises, through wars and migrations, through artificially manipulated food and the increase of chronic diseases and through large-scale destruction of nature (Ecocide) with loss of biodiversity and climate change as result. These and many other problems are interlinked. Each of these problems transcends the capacity of individual nations to solve them and it is clear that they can only be overcome if several countries work together to form a block that is strong enough to at least start the great change, that is needed to stop this decline and possibly set an example for the rest of the world

EurOpinion's vision is that the united Europa of the Dream has the potential to be that block.

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The potential of Europa, our vision

Our world is facing many fundamental problems that need to be solved very soon if we want to reach the next century with a healthy planet and society. Each of these global problems transcends the capacity of individual nations to solve them and it is clear that they can only be overcome if several countries work together to form a block strong enough to at least a start the needed great change to stop the global decline of society and nature, and maybe set an example for the rest of the world.

EurOpinion's vision is that the united Europe of the "Dream" can be such a block, hopefully not the only one in the world. This potential of Europe can be found in the financial, technological and social fields, but we think certainly also in awareness, will and willingness amongst its population. If Europe is actually able to free this potential in harmonious cooperation, effective steps can be taken towards a better Europe which is a possible step towards a better world.
EurOpinion strongly believes that the essence of Europa's potential lies in the collective of its individual citizens and shared common sense, more than in current politics and elaborated expertise, where oftenly only national or even personal interests prevail, undermining the whole point of a truly united Europe.

That's why EurOpinion, as its mission, aims to build, stimulate, strengthen and amplify awareness and the voice of the European Public Opinion.


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Mission: stimulate and strengthen European Public Opinion

A fresh look at Europa

Europa is worth a fresh look
EurOpinion sees its mission as contributing to a fresh look at and a more positive image of the united Europe in the general knowledge and collective awareness of European citizens and, where possible, bringing the European Dream back to life.
We think the European elections in may of this year 2019 are an excellent opportunity for this fresh look.


A new model for Europa!
We aim to do so by stimulating and reinforcing the European Public Opinion in order to gain strength in the current outdated and stalled model of the European institutions and build a new model that makes this existing model obsolete.
The European elections bring the opportunity to initialize a change.


A different level of thinking!
The change will not be drastic or sudden, more than in a revolution we believe in an evolution. Nature itself has taught us that it is the most harmonious and sustainable way of development. Just being able to plant the seed that brings us to a higher level of thinking is a satisfaction. And a pleasure to see it grow up to to solving problems where Europe and the World are stuck in today.
The elections are also an opportunity to introduce another level of thinking.


Be the change you want to see in Europa!
We consider a new model to be a fundamental step towards unlocking the true potential of Europe, from the citizens up rather than from politics down. We believe that the inspiration, creativity and common sense of the collective of citizens can lead to valuable solutions. When the citizens can participate more in their community then they will also feel more engaged and together really will be able to bring about the change they want to see.
You can contribute to this change, starting by expressing your preferences in the elections.

It may be a long and difficult journey, but all that counts is taking the first step.

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The current EU model, obsolete?

A new model!
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A different level of thinking?

A different level of thinking!
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BE the change!

Mahatma Gandhi: BE the change you want to see in Europa

BE the change you wish to see in Europa!


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A first step

As a first step, EurOpinion has developed a simple working model for a platform that, through ongoing opinion polls, aims to stimulate the Public European Opinion and give a voice with the aim to investigate together with the participants, in a public, transparent and interactive way, the underlying reasons for the loss of European Dream. At the same time, it examines which existing or future tools and solutions are preferred by Europeans.


Europa as a whole
For the initial course, EurOpinion wants to focus on five fundamental values, principles, ​​for Europe as a whole, which are best expressed in their "Generic" terminology:

A better Europa for a better world:
1. Nature First
2. Free Speech
3. Gender Equality
4. Go NON-profit
5. AB$ - Abolish Bank $ecrecy

Each of these principles covers considerably more than the short term suggests and is essential for a truly just and sustainable world society on our fragile planet. Of course there is also room for other important issues such as, among other things, education, health or science. Politics or economics can also be discussed, but EurOpinion thinks the essence lies in human values and emotions.


Europa as collective of all individual persons
EurOpinion also wants to give attention to the European as an individual. After all, Europe is made up of the total of all individuals, and as such, each in itself is decisive for the whole. A simple anology are individual atoms that build up the universe as a whole. We believe that European and in fact Human "values" and "identity" start with the individual.
Therefore, there will also be a section dedicated to personal issues. From simple things such as routines of everyday life, to more heavy issues such as the credibility they give to their government or the media, to deeper or more intimate things such as, for example, the extent to which a person feels traitsof the other sex in his/her own being.

Taken together, this can yield interesting, unexpected and perhaps revealing results or correlations.


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Questions by categories



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Europa of politics

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Free Speech?

Gender Equality?

Go non-profit?

Abolish Bank Secrecy?