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EurOpinion has a dream. A European Dream.
The Dream of a better Europa that eventually can lead to a better World. Until a few decades ago, the vast majority of European citizens shared this Dream. Unfortunately, that dream has now faded or disappeared for many Europeans because the European Union, as it currently exists, clearly does not cover that dream at all. Nowadays many people are Eurosceptic or even want to step out.
However, that European Dream and the current European Union are two completely different interpretations of the "united Europe" and often even opposite. Europinion is convinced that the European Dream has the strength to overcome this failing EU if the European citizens are provided with the knowledge and awareness to make this distinction.


Decline of world society
Europinion thinks that this loss of the "European Dream" in recent decades is part of the general decline of world society and our planet in the same period. It is experienced by many people all over the globe through financial and social crises, through wars and migrations, through artificially manipulated food and the increase of chronic diseases and through large-scale destruction of nature (Ecocide) with loss of biodiversity and climate change as result. These and many other problems are interlinked. Each of these problems transcends the capacity of individual nations to solve them and it is clear that they can only be overcome if several countries work together to form a block that is strong enough to at least start the great change, that is needed to stop this decline and possibly set an example for the rest of the world

EurOpinion's vision is that the united Europa of the Dream has the potential to be that block.

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