A fresh look at Europa?

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A fresh look at Europa

As soon as it seemed possible to take peace for granted in Europa, attention has been increasingly focused on industry and economy, as the next step in the European Dream: prosperity. To a certain extent this was reached, but in just a few decades it seems to have gone out of control. From a means at the service of prosperity for the citizens, the economy (now the "financial markets") seems to have become an objective and dominant in society. The balance shifted completely to the mere maximization of profits for banks and large companies. Austerity was cast over the population, while multinationals have been enjoying ever increasing tax benefits, many of them even crossing legal borders. Since decades, the gap between rich and poor has grown again.

However, this is not a European problem, it is a global problem. Within this scenario, Europa is still the most prosperous region in the world, with the smallest gap between rich and poor, although many people, understandably, will not be able to believe it. At present, Europe is still the region with the highest perception of freedom, justice and other human and social values ​​in the world. These are the ultimate values ​​that most citizens considered the decisive step of the European Dream. And Aren't they still? Isn't now the precisely moment to give them a fresh look or must European citizens continue tolerating the imposed and dictatorial domination by economy.

In addition, far more important issues have emerged that are also global in scope, but where Europa can play a leading role, with climate change being the clearest example. Other topics are, among others, freedom of expression, gender equality, non-profit circular and sustainable economy, and the abolition of bank secrecy. Reinforcing these kind of human and social values has a truly positive, profound and lasting effect on society as a whole, not the eternal battles for economic, political or military superiority. Most probably Europa is the region in the world where they best can prosper.

Maybe time for a fresh look at Europa?

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