Open letter to Greta and Polly

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Polly and Greta protecting Earth and Climate


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Dear, dear Greta,

first of all, thank you for everything that you are doing and also everything that I guess you will be doing in the crucial next few years! I admire what you're achieving.

My name is Riccardo. I recently 'discovered' you and became your fan right away, not because of the Climate 'hype' as some people may see it, but because you are exacly doing and saying the things I already thought and worried about when I was your age. I'm 55 now.

I leave any further introduction aside to get to the point: do you happen to know about Polly Higgins? If so, have you already talked with her? If not, I urge you to do so. Undoublty when you two join, you will mutually catalize and accelerate both your missions.

Polly is a scottish lawyer who is aiming to turn large destruction of nature into an international crime by establishing an Ecocide Law through UN.

  1. What you and FridaysForFuture are doing and achieving is a great first step:
    Creating awareness...
  2. A second great step would be Polly's Mission Lifeforce: to establish a Law of Ecocide that would turn mass damage and destruction of the Earth into an International Crime - by the UN, like genocide.
  3. (added 08/04/2019)
    However, the biggest, most concrete and, at this moment, most urgent opportunity for #FridaysForFuture is: The European Elections! 23 - 26 May 2019!
    It's a unique chance to (begin to) change the system from within, at a European level and in a real, tangible and lasting way. If simply all people supporting #FFF would cast their vote, it could cause a real turnover in the European Parliament. It would take the Strikes from Awareness to political reality and in society.
    This exceptional occasion should take advantage of the Momentum that #FFF has at this moment! Just imagine the difference of the European Parliament with or without votes by #FFF for the next five years. Our house is on fire NOW and there will be no new chance until 2024!
    Additionally ... the second Global Strike for Future will be helt on May 24, just 2 days before the European elections. A greater gift could simply not exist. It allows giving a last shot of making aware those who have not yet decided to vote. This time really counts.

There is more I could add (that third point, now added) but to keep it short, I'll leave it to this for now.
I simply hope to have established connection with you and especially to have put you on the track of Polly if you weren't already. I send her a copy! (copy sent, reaction positive!)

Go Great, Greta! and Polly!


Important update! Unfortunately Polly passed to another dimension on the 21st of April 2019. However, her beautiful character and spirit will continue to guide the StopEcocide community and maybe the world as a whole to a more liveable and healthy Earth.


Short videos (< 4 min.) explaining Ecocide and StopEcocide (formerly Mission LIfeforce)

Mission LifeForce - trailer clip  

Mission LifeForce - Law is upside down

  Mission LifeForce - protecting


by the way I was triggered to write you by the article "Young climate strikers can win their fight. We must all help" of George Monbiot. Because Mission LifeForce could be that next step he talks about, taking advantage of the momentum FFF has now to make it lasting, turning your awareness into an international law. (And even more so, influence the outcome of the European Elections!)

Mission Life Force's strong point in my view is the fact that when one signs up (from just 5 Euro and an email) it is valid for life, without any further payment or action. This means the Trust Fund only will get bigger over time and each new person makes the whole stronger, so the pressure on governments to establish an Ecocide Law (turn damage or mass destruction of nature into an international crime, like genocide) will always only grow! IMHO this should go viral and together with FFF it could. If only 1% of the people that follow FFF in Europa would sign up it would boost Mission LifeForce and an Ecocide Law might be in place within a year.

Another thing Mission LifeForce does is offer legal help in case a registered Earth Protector is arrested and brought to court. Being part of Mission LifeForce one is not just one single, individual person anymore, He/she represents and is backed up by the Mission LifeForce trust fund. This is specifically important and helpful for the front line activists, in many cases indigenous people protecting their community.



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