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Enric Duran - Fair Coop

The greatest problem humanity currently faces is the idea of profit.
Profit is the main goal of bankers, investors and CEOs. More often than not, however, it turns into a blind obsession for unlimited sales and 'growth' of business, frequently disregarding ethics, morals or even legality. This has clearly shown to have destructive consequences both for nature and the planet as for global society and humanity.

Go NON-profit!

A healty and sustainable world society requires that this profit-obsession be substituted and made obsolete by non-profit organisations that are user, worker and environment friendly like cooperatives, foundations, etc. in wide networks. The advantages for society and planet are numerous. Since the goal of these organisations is only mutual or social benefit, business models would no longer have to be based on competition, frequently agressive and destructive, but on reciprocal collaboration and atlruism instead. A comparative model in nature is (mutualist) symbiosis.

This shift towards non-profit for a healthier society should actually come from politicians but that would require common sense. Fortunately it's a shift that can also be achieved bottom up, by common people and from within society itself. And it can be done through something that everybody disposes of: own initiative, either individually or collectively. Fortunately some great initiatives are actually on their way, one example is FairCoop an initiative by Enric Duran from Spain.


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