Free Speech?

Do you want economic policy in Europa to be transparent?

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European Elections 23-26 May 2019
Europa should be an example of Transparency. But it is not.
Rosita Alinckx argues that transparency of the institutions is a fight for social justice and peace. The lack of transparency of EU institutions and in general led to the banking crises and scandals, to tax havens, to corruption, to lobbies and to abuse of power.

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Free Speech!

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Freedom of speech, expression and information is the most fundamental human right.

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The importance of Privacy?

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You know your online personal information is raw material for "big data", a product to be sold and then used for publicity, amongst other, by most of the big social networks on the internet. In most countries it may also be required by the authorities. Do you mind?

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Are whistleblowers traitors?

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