Mission: stimulate and strengthen European Public Opinion

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A fresh look at Europa

Europa is worth a fresh look
EurOpinion sees its mission as contributing to a fresh look at and a more positive image of the united Europe in the general knowledge and collective awareness of European citizens and, where possible, bringing the European Dream back to life.
We think the European elections in may of this year 2019 are an excellent opportunity for this fresh look.


A new model for Europa!
We aim to stimulate and reinforce the European Public Opinion in order to gain strength in the current outdated and stalled model of the European institutions, so that a new model can be built that makes this existing model obsolete. The European elections are an exceptional opportunity to initialize true change.


A different level of thinking!
The change will not be drastic or sudden, more than in a revolution we believe in an evolution. Nature itself has taught us that it is the most harmonious and sustainable way of development. Just being able to plant the seed that brings us to a higher level of thinking is a satisfaction. And a pleasure to see it grow up to to solving problems where Europe and the World are stuck in today.
The elections are also an opportunity to introduce another level of thinking.


Be the change you want to see in Europa!
We consider a new model to be a fundamental step towards unlocking the true potential of Europe, from the citizens up rather than from politics down. We believe that the inspiration, creativity and common sense of the collective of citizens can lead to valuable solutions. When the citizens can participate more in their community then they will also feel more engaged and together really will be able to bring about the change they want to see.
You can contribute to this change, starting by expressing your preferences in the elections.

It may be a long and difficult journey, but all that counts is taking the first step.

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