Do you consider mass destruction of nature a crime?

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Ecocide is a Crime - Polly Higgins

Since forever big industry has been practically free to destroy nature, the climate and the Earth without any limit or consequences.


Now, an ambitious initiative to protect nature and the Earth where it really counts has been taken by Scottish lawyer Polly Higgins with Mission Lifeforce.

In this video she explains why Ecocide (mass damage and destruction of nature by big industry) is a problem we eventually all will face and why it is essential that United Nations adopt an International Ecocide Law to make it a crime at the same level as war crimes or genocide. This way industry would at least have to pay the damage when they cause the destruction of nature.

"We have a system set up here that is putting the interest of the share-holder first. By law! We put profit first in essence. And when we put profit first we fail to even look to the consequences."

How is it that we haven't criminalized mass damage and destruction of the Earth?

Polly Higgins


Let's make it unprofitable to destroy the Earth.

Baltasar Garzón


Destruction of nature as dangerous as climate change, scientists warn

the Guardian


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