Nature First?


Nature First!

PLAY VIDEO ►►► Ecocide is a Crime - Polly Higgins

Planet Earth with all its nature is the mother, cradle and home of the human species, as it is of all life.

A great initiative to protect nature and the Earth has been taken by Scottish lawyer Polly Higgins.In the video she explains why Ecocide (mass damage and destruction of nature by big industry) is a problem we eventually all will face and why it is essential that United Nations adopt an International Ecocide Law to make it a crime at the same level as war crimes or genocide (more in her TED talk).

Share your opinion too and let's discover what Europe thinks as a whole.

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The essence is not the market, life is.

PLAY VIDEO ►►► José Mujica, ex presidente de Uruguay

Uruguay's ex-president Pepe Mujica analyses for Deutsche Welle the economic and ecologic chalenges that humanity is facing and he reminds us that "the essence is not the market, it's life."  In this short video of profound reflexions he also wonders: "¿Will we have the capacity to reason as a species instead of reasoning as individuals or as countries?"

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Ecocide: the missing 5th crime against Peace?

PLAY VIDEO ►►► Mission Lifeforce - protectors of the Earth

Up till now, without an Ecocide law, big industry has been and still is practically free to destroy nature, the climate and the Earth without any limit or consequences.


However an additional initiative has been taken, also by Polly Higgins, to accelerate the process of turning ecocide into the fifth international crime against peace that is now missing. Mission LifeForce offers all the people in the world the chance to be part of it and support it for life in less than getting a hamburger menu, both in time and expenses. At the same time it increases the legal backup of the front-line activists in case they get arrested. Those who are interested in preserving a healthy planet as our natural living environment can become an "Earth Protector", officially and legally recognized in almost all countries of the world.

Only without ecocide our Earth can maintain and maybe even recover its natural splendour as shown in this beautiful nature and music video (credit).


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Urgenda wins climate case against Dutch state.

PLAY VIDEO ►►► Urgenda wins climate case against Dutch state.

On 24 June 2015 Urgenda foundation together with 900 other claimants won a lawsuit against the Dutch State about national climate policy. Through the court, it was enforced that the Dutch State must have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by at least 25% by the end of 2020, compared to 1990 levels. The appeal lodged by the Dutch government was rejected on 9 October 2018, but the government announced on 16 November that the Dutch state was going to appeal to the Supreme Court.

Marjan Minnesma, the face of Urgenda, believes little that the government is concerned about principles. "That's what they said in the previous appeal but then they objected to all the substantive points in the verdict." According to Minnesma, the government does not make much effort to comply with the judgment. "If they took the verdict seriously, we would already see accelerated actions. For example, closing down coal-fired power stations, or reducing the speed limit on the motorway. " (Trouw newspaper)

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