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Maybe politics in these times are not about 'left' or 'right' anymore.

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Is a united Europa is a political question or a human question?

For EurOpinion the united Europe is not a political issue or, certainly, not only. Rather than political we deem a united Europa to be a human issue, a community of citizens, of people in all their diversity that live together within this political construction now called EU. Each individual person, citizen, human being, is the smallest element of a whole that collectively makes up our united Europa (of course, extensible to the rest of the world, but for practical reasons just EU countries for now).

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Do we want a better world?

Do we want a better world?
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What do YOU want from the European Union?

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The opinion of the Europeans on the European Union, in the way it works now, is divided. Basically there are three points of view: stay the same, change or exit.
At first glance, which statement best reflects your position right now?

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Europa: Union or Community?

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The term European Union came into existence with the treaty of Maastricht in 1992. Before that, the commonly used name was European Community. Is there a difference?

Do you like the idea of living in a "Union" or would you prefer the former idea of a "Community"? What associations do you have with each of these two terms?

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Some first simple questions focused on the individual european person

For EurOpinion each individual person is a basic building block that is just as important as the whole, so we consider it interesting, necessary, and, in fact, useful to know how we are individually. Probably this will give a greater understanding about Europa as a whole. Probably also about each other of and maybe even about ourselves. More ahead EurOpinion thinks about getting into deeper and more significant issues, but let's start with some simple questions.

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Do you understand the European Union?

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In theory, the European Union is an entity that exists for the good of its citizens. Therefore it seems obvious that, to begin with, EU inhabitants should actually understand it: knowing how it works, what advantages it offers or how they can actively participate to improve it, amongst other.

How well do you feel you understand the European Union?
There are some topics in the newspapers and on tv-news we receive information about every day. How do you rate their importance and how would information about the EU (news or how it works) compare to that?

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Scotland independent after BREXIT?

PLAY VIDEO ►►► Scotland independent after BREXIT?

In 2014, Scotland held a national referendum. The voters were asked: "Should Scotland be an independent country?" 45% of the voters answered yes and 55% answered no, with an 85% participation. (wikipedia).

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Is a better world possible?

Is a better world possible?
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Are the lobbies in the EU acceptable?

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According to wikipedia, lobbying in the European Union, also referred to officially ['politically correct'?] as European interest representation, is the activity of representatives of diverse interest groups or lobbies who attempt to influence the executive and legislative authorities of the European Union through public relations or public affairs work.

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Should human values also be thaught and measured at school?

Not thaught and measured

Should human values also be thaught and in some way be measured at school?

for example (ordered as in image):

critical thinking - independence
empathy - entrepreneurship
decisiveness - compassion
leadership - wonder
courage - reflect
humor - discipline
resilience - critical thinking
creativity - curiosity
flexibility - collaboration
out of the box - reliability
motivation - responsibility
xxx - tolerance

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Dragging EU legalization: abortion, cannabis, prostitution...

There are several dragging legalization issues that provoke public discussion and sometimes even protests, either against or in favour, in the different countries of Europa. Basically it's about whether they are morally acceptable or not. What is your standpoint? Do you think these kind of issues should actually be determined at a European level?

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The current EU model, obsolete?

A new model!

EurOpinion seeks to stimulate and reinforce the European Public Opinion in order to gain strength within the current outdated and stalled model of the European institutions aiming to help build a new model that makes this existing model obsolete.
The coming European Elections 2019 are a great opportunity to initiate change and start moving towards this new model our continent needs. Don't miss this opportunity!

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Does Europa need a new level of thinking?

A new level of thinking! (Einstein)

European Elections, 23 - 26 May.

You cannot solve problems at the same level that created them.

Einstein was wise. You can be to, letting them hear your voice (again).

All those in Europa who defend Nature, Climate and Future, especially young people, now have an exceptional opportunity to take one step more beyond manifesting in streets and spread awareness. You have the chance to let them hear your voice again and this time to bring about real political change towards the kind of society you were manifesting for. Don't miss this chance!

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BE the change!

BE the change you want to see in Europa

An essential step to unlock the true potential of Europe and the Europeans is an EU more directed from the citizens up (bottom-up), than from the politicians down (top-down). The common sense, creativity and inspiration of the collective European citizens themselves can bring very valid solutions, improving or even exceeding those of the politicians. If citizens can be more participatory in our continental community we can, as a whole, really be involved in the change we want to see.

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Does a better Europa contribute to a better world?

A better Europe for a better World?
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Does Europa have the potential to be better?

Europa's potential?
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Can public opinion shape Europa's potential?

Can public opinion shape Europa's potential?
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First "Chain of Thoughts"

Thank you for taking the time to follow and fill out our first, shortened, chain of thoughts.

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