Europa of the people

Is a united Europa is a political question or a human question?

For EurOpinion the united Europe is not a political issue or, certainly, not only. Rather than political we deem a united Europa to be a human issue, a community of citizens, of people in all their diversity that live together within this political construction now called EU. Each individual person, citizen, human being, is the smallest element of a whole that collectively makes up our united Europa (of course, extensible to the rest of the world, but for practical reasons just EU countries for now).

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Some first simple questions focused on the individual european person

For EurOpinion each individual person is a basic building block that is just as important as the whole, so we consider it interesting, necessary, and, in fact, useful to know how we are individually. Probably this will give a greater understanding about Europa as a whole. Probably also about each other of and maybe even about ourselves. More ahead EurOpinion thinks about getting into deeper and more significant issues, but let's start with some simple questions.

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Europa of the people

Europa of politics

Nature First?

Free Speech?


Go non-profit?

Abolish Bank Secrecy?