The potential of Europa, our vision

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Our world is facing many fundamental problems that need to be solved very soon if we want to reach the next century with a healthy planet and society. Each of these global problems transcends the capacity of individual nations to solve them and it is clear that they can only be overcome if several countries work together to form a block strong enough to at least a start the needed great change to stop the global decline of society and nature, and maybe set an example for the rest of the world.

EurOpinion's vision is that the united Europe of the "Dream" can be such a block, hopefully not the only one in the world. This potential of Europe can be found in the financial, technological and social fields, but we think certainly also in awareness, will and willingness amongst its population. If Europe is actually able to free this potential in harmonious cooperation, effective steps can be taken towards a better Europe which is a possible step towards a better world.
EurOpinion strongly believes that the essence of Europa's potential lies in the collective of its individual citizens and shared common sense, more than in current politics and elaborated expertise, where oftenly only national or even personal interests prevail, undermining the whole point of a truly united Europe.

That's why EurOpinion, as its mission, aims to build, stimulate, strengthen and amplify awareness and the voice of the European Public Opinion.


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