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As a first step, EurOpinion has developed a simple working model for a platform that, through ongoing opinion polls, aims to stimulate the Public European Opinion and give a voice with the aim to investigate together with the participants, in a public, transparent and interactive way, the underlying reasons for the loss of European Dream. At the same time, it examines which existing or future tools and solutions are preferred by Europeans.


Europa as a whole
For the initial course, EurOpinion wants to focus on five fundamental values, principles, ​​for Europe as a whole, which are best expressed in their "Generic" terminology:

A better Europa for a better world:
1. Nature First
2. Free Speech
3. Gender Equality
4. Go NON-profit
5. AB$ - Abolish Bank $ecrecy

Each of these principles covers considerably more than the short term suggests and is essential for a truly just and sustainable world society on our fragile planet. Of course there is also room for other important issues such as, among other things, education, health or science. Politics or economics can also be discussed, but EurOpinion thinks the essence lies in human values and emotions.


Europa as collective of all individual persons
EurOpinion also wants to give attention to the European as an individual. After all, Europe is made up of the total of all individuals, and as such, each in itself is decisive for the whole. A simple anology are individual atoms that build up the universe as a whole. We believe that European and in fact Human "values" and "identity" start with the individual.
Therefore, there will also be a section dedicated to personal issues. From simple things such as routines of everyday life, to more heavy issues such as the credibility they give to their government or the media, to deeper or more intimate things such as, for example, the extent to which a person feels traitsof the other sex in his/her own being.

Taken together, this can yield interesting, unexpected and perhaps revealing results or correlations.


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Europa of the people

Europa of politics

Nature First?

Free Speech?


Go non-profit?

Abolish Bank Secrecy?