Welcome and Gratitude

Europinion 'official' launch

not because it's finished,
but because its time has come.
EurOpinion is work in progress now
and probably will continue to be.


and gratitude ♥

On this day I simply want to thank
the people
who provided
the vital
inspiration, motivation and references,
through your own initiatives, examples
and often courage,

both because you stimulated me to continue my effort
and because you helped me to define and start filling
EurOpinion's basic structure
of references and opinion polls

in search for
A better Europa for a better world
with special attention for
Nature First!
Free Speech!
Gender Equality!
Go non-profit!
Abolish Bank Secrecy!

Inversly, EurOpinion fully supports
each of your initiatives, of course! ♥
thank you - gracias - grazie - dank :)

Yanis Varoufakis - LovEuropa!

The former Greek minister of finance co-founded DiEM25 (Democracy in Europe Movement 2025) to bring the power back to the people and (re)build Europa bottom-up.
This is obviously fully in line with EurOpinion's intention, although the future participants will have the last word, of course ;)

(not the most elegant selfie for either three of us. It was a hasty but, IMHO, special moment of Yanis and Enric meeting each other at Macao, Milano.)

Click here for video (2 min EN, ES, IT, DE, NL)


Polly Higgins - Nature First!

This Scottish lawyer has taken a great initiative to protect nature and the Earth with Mission LifeForce.
In the video she explains why Ecocide (mass damage and destruction of nature by big industry) is a problem we eventually all will face and why it is essential that United Nations adopt an International Ecocide Law to make it a crime at the same level as war crimes or genocide.

Click here for video (3 min EN, ES, IT, DE, NL)


Birgitta Jónsdóttir - Free Speech!

A poet, an activist and a single mother, she volunteered for Wikileaks in its early days (the "Collateral Murder" video).
Later she founded the Icelandic Pirate Party, for which she was MP, and finally IMMI (International Modern Media Institute) in defense of freedom of speech, freedom of information and users' privacy, and with the intention to turn Iceland into a Free Speech Haven for the world and a Safe Haven for whistleblowers.

Click here for video (1 min EN, ES, IT, DE, NL)


Gender Equality!

No specific references yet,
but Vandana and Jolanta are doing a great job!

Click here for video (1 min EN, ES, IT, DE, NL)


Enric Duran - Go non-profit!
"I'd like to see a society based on solidary economy, cooperativism, mutual support and self-management.
I think we all would get a lot better."

To actually make this happen in 2008 Enric swindeled 39 banks in Spain as a citizens' economic disobedience act of protest against the global financial system (2008). He used the money to start first la CIC (Cooperativa Integral Catalana) to then make the concept go worldwide with Fair Coop

Click here for video (2 min EN, ES, IT, DE, NL)


Hervé Falciani - Abolish Bank Secrecy!

This Franco-Italian is a former HSBC Suisse bank employee and responsible for one of the largest leaks of banking data in history (2008) known as Swiss leaks.

One of the few people who had both the ethical sense and the courage to leak information from the inside of a doubtful, but legal, construction called Bank Secrecy and become a whistleblower.

Having received life threats he lives undercover in Spain, that fortunately and justly rejected his extradition to Switzerland recently.

Not a 'togetherie' this time, but with Angelo Mincuzzi, journalist of "Il sole 24 ore" and co-writer with Hervé of the book La cassaforte degli evasori (The evaders' safe).

Click here for video (2 min EN, ES, IT, DE, NL)



On a personal level
there are also some friends
I specially would like to thank
for their contribution to EurOpinion
and enriching life in general.

Only now I am able to see that over several projects we shared in almost thirty years, without either of us being aware, she has always played a significant inspiring and supporting role in what, from current perspective, can be seen as paving the way for EurOpinion. Gracias Loly :)


Always there for making fun or doing stuff and my great reference regarding the rational and practical things of life. 
JT, friend! Thank you :)
Always there for a good talk and fun too of course. My reference for the emotional, creative and spiritual things of life.
Joris, friend! Thank you :)
Meis and Enzo
my loving source for all things in life.
Thank you Enzo :)
Thank you Meis ♥


Friendship and love
are the authentic sources
of inspiration, motivation, trust
and, indeed, happiness.

In a broader sense
this also goes for groups...
Thank you all!




Lastly EurOpinion is happy to grab the opportunity
to congratulate Coollanguages
with its seventh birthday :)

Yet another sweet European initiative.
"A small but ambitious project in Torino
to promote inclusion of foreigners, expats
and all people who are open to languages,
cultural interaction and exchange."
(with a beautiful date: 11/11/11)



a curious coincidence
but symbolic and important...

As said:
EurOpinion is work in progress now
and probably will continue to be.
Direct sign-ups are not open yet.
for the moment it is by invitation
or request through the contact form.

You can still enter the site anonymously
and cast your votes or opinion,
but they will be recorded as "anonymous"
if you register afterwards
it will be starting as new under your account.
So if you want you can practice ;)
Observations, questions and suggestions
are welcome.
Also through the contact form.

Improvement of structure and content
will be ongoing.
In the current state EurOpinion
is basically a model
in its simplest form,
in four and a half languages,
that I was able to shape alone.
But I hope it shows the intention,
the possibilities of development
and I hope, above all, its potential,
either for this 'better' world
through the public opinion
as for the various movements
involved in the same battle.
Now it just needs someone
who knows about programming... ;)

Welcome and thank you for your visit.



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