Greta and Polly, open letter



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Dear, dear Greta,

first of all thank you for everything that you are doing and also everything that you will be doing in the crucial next few years! I admire what you're achieving.

My name is Riccardo. I recently 'discovered' you and became your fan right away, not because of the Climate 'hype' as some people may see it, but because you are exacly doing and saying the things I already thought and worried about when I was your age. I'm 55 now.

I leave any further introduction aside to get to the point: do you happen to know about Polly Higgins? If so, have you already talked with her? If not, I urge you to do so. Undoublty when you two join, you will mutually catalize and accelerate both your missions.

Polly is a scottish lawyer who is aiming to turn large destruction of nature (Ecocide) into an international crime.

What you and FridaysForFuture are doing and achieving is a great first step: creating awareness...
Polly's Mission Lifeforce would mean a second great step: take it to an international legal level!

There is more I could add but to keep it short, I'll leave it to this for now.
I simply hope to have established connection with you and especially to have put you on the track of Polly if you weren't already. I send her a copy! (copy sent, reaction positive!)

Go Great, Greta! and Polly!


by the way I was triggered to write you by the article "Young climate strikers can win their fight. We must all help" of George Monbiot. in a sense of what could be a next step and/or how to take advantage of the momentum you have now and make it lasting.

Mission Life Force's strong point in my view is the fact that when one signs up (from just 5 Euro and your email), it's for life time, without the need of any additional payment or action. This means the Trust Fund can only get bigger over time and each new person makes the whole yet another bit stronger, so the pressure on governments to establish an Ecocide Law (turn damage or mass destruction of nature into an international crime, like genocide) will always only grow! Actually something that should go viral. Which through FFF it might.
Another thing Mission LifeForce can do is offer legal help in case an Earth Protector is arrested and brought to court. Being part of Mission LifeForce one is not just one single, individual person anymore, He/she represents and is backed up by the Mission LifeForce trust fund. This is specifically important for the front line activists, in many case indigenous people.


Short videos explaining Ecocide and Mission LIfeforce

Mission LifeForce - trailer clip  

Mission LifeForce - Law is upside down

  Mission LifeForce - protecting


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