Austrian World Summit 2019 - Greta Thunberg

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Some of the words from Greta at the Austrian World Summit 2019 could be picked up by FFF for the weekly friday strikes on all squares in Europa and the world:

  • But my number one experience during these last nine months, is that people in general have no clue.
  • ~ the graphs which show how much the CO2 emissions need to be reduced
    (showing people the graphs maybe does not change that much, it may be too abstract for most and they would need closer to home references - however for 'advanced' people it may be a good thing)
  • the meaning of the aspect of equity in the Paris agreement and why it's so important.
    (need to investigate)
  • Feedback loops, tipping points, runaway greenhouse effect...
  • latest IPCC report
  • Keeling curve
  • Carbon budget
  • specific, isolated solutions are no longer enough and you KNOW this.

But the biggest source of hope and easiest solution is right in front of you and has been al along.
It is us people and the fact that we don't know.


This can be improved in such a beautiful way, precisely from the squares on fridays (to start with). There we can inform, teach and give suggestions through direct, live and real human interaction with the people that walk by, those who stop a moment to read the signs and maybe ask questions... It's about letting people in, not imposing anything on them. To seduce is better than to convince! And so much more fun ;)
FFF can reply with explanations, suggestions and even our own, easy, questions to have an idea of the public knowledge and opinion:

  • Are you aware of the climate problem?
    - Since when?  (obviously, if previous answer was yes)
    - Are you now? (if answer was no)
  • How did you learn about the Climate problem?
  • About the climate situation
    - Does TV give enough information?
    - Do politicians give enough importance?
    - Do they teach enough at school?
    - Has this changed since Greta / the climate strikes?
  • Was climate a decisive issue for you in the EU Elections?
  • Are you now going to wait for the politicians to start doing something?
  • Would you like to actively do more yourself?


Do you know about the most important actions you can take yourself to reduce carbon emissions:

  • For yourself:
    - less driving and flying
    - less meat
    - less "fast fashion"
  • Towards the corporations and industries (leaving a message):
    - of course in the first place: not buying specific products
    - not accept plastic packagings (supermarkets, civil rebellion, disobedience)
    - not buying specific products (in groups, specific places so they'll notice... maybe palm-oil products)
    - leaving notes?? (provided/inspired by FFF)
    - have other people participate in small rebellious actions... tell them, teach them



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