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Europa has a shamefully violent and savage past.
Within our own territory, we have practically always had one or more wars, except during the Pax Romana, about 2,000 years ago. As if that were not enough, we also invaded and occupied all or part of the other four continents for centuries under colonialism and imperialism after Columbus showed us that the world was round instead of flat, as they had always told us.

Only after two world wars, both initiated in Europe by the way, it seems we finally understood that waging war does not generate a healthy or happy society. The European project came to life with the initial main intention of never having war again. And it has worked for the members of the European Community, later renamed to the European Union. The most tangible, in fact easiest, way to maintain peace for more than 70 years has been economic cooperation, but, implicitly, the European Dream also harbored promises of much greater depth: those of human and social values like freedom, justice, equality and of honest and political transparency.

In the last decades, this project came into crisis essentially for political and economic reasons. Should this mean the end of the European Dream? Of course not, it just means that it has to be put on the right track again. From an internal peace that is based on true freedom, true justice, true equality, true political honesty and transparency. With this and the attention focused on citizens rather then on institutions or corporations, prosperity is created and peace is maintained by itself without any need of so much 'high' politics or economics. If for some reason the European project has entered into a crisis it is precisely because of them, not because of its citizens or human values.

Europa has in its citizens the ability to overcome these crises and when it does, to unlock the potential she holds to serve as a role model for other parts of the world, even if each territory does so in its own way. Precisely the rich diversity of cultures, languages, history, in short, of people in our small continent is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the search to live in harmony, of creativity to achieve it and of willingness to maintain it, that has been forged over the centuries.

As Jean Monnet has always said: "Europe is not about integrating states, it is about uniting the people."

Actually, it is a message of global significance. If the peoples of Europe, with our violent past, are able to unite in a peaceful and harmonious way from the bottom upwards then, in contrast to that destructive past, we will have transmitted a clear and constructive message that it can also be achieved in other parts of the world. This would be a fourth and really the last step of the European Dream which, in fact, is Global!

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