Is BREXIT good for Europa?

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  • Economist Says European Union On Verge Of Collapse 
    By now we all know what to do when an "economic expert" warns about something... GO FOR IT! Have fun guys!
    Each day the conviction grows that BREXIT is not just good and fun both for UK and EU but also the beginning of the breakdown of neo-liberalism that started all of the mess and shit all over the globe! 
    What's actually on the verge of collapse is neo-liberalism!
    The messages they try to scare the people with, through their MSM channels, is in fact just telling what they are afraid for themselves!
  • El FMI alerta del peligro de una recaída si triunfa el Brexit 
    A estas alturas ya todos sabemos bien lo que hay que hacer cuando el FMI, una entidad autoritaria o 'expertos' en economía alertan de algo...
    Cada vez más crece la convicción de que BREXIT no sólo será bueno e incluso divertido tanto para el RU y la EU, sino que será el inicio de la demolición de las estructuras neo-liberales que han traído tanto caos y mierda al mundo!
    Lo que está por romperse es el mismísimo neo-liberalismo!
    Los mensajes con los que el orden establecido intenta infundir miedo a la población, a través de los medios de comunicación clásicos y ya obsoletos (TV & Periodicos), es en realidad nadamás que el reflejo de las cosas de las que tienen miedo ellos mismos, por perder su domininación del mundo.
    Con el Grexit o Scottix se han perdido dos oportunidades, hay que apoyar a los Británicos a que salga el BREXIT. Brindará la oportunidad de debilitar las fuerzas oscuras del neo-liberalismo e incrementar la fuerza del pueblo. 

Please understand the following in the new light: BREXIT as start of the breakdown of neo-liberal domination of the world.

The people of England, WalesScotland and Northern Ireland combined (defined as UK) are called to vote by referendum, on the 23th of June 2016, to decide whether they still want to stay in the European Union or not. This does not involve the Euro since London (the City) has always refused to enter the common European coin anyway.

"This summer, Britain will vote on whether to remain in the European Union."

from the same article (Der Spiegel):

  • "EU seeks to avoid brexit at all costs"
  • "In Berlin, a Chancellery official says: "We will be extremely helpful." Anything that isn't a complete betrayal of European values is negotiable, the Berlin official says."
  • "providing Cameron with the political tailwind he needs to keep the United Kingdom in the European Union."
  • "a better deal for Britain"
  • "For Tusk, Juncker and Merkel, a Brexit would be a nightmare scenario."

On the other hand... (see article)

'Sovereignity' for London but not for Scotland?

So London now seems to want more 'sovereignty' from Europa, while, curiously enough, they themselves would not accept more sovereignty (independence) of Scotland just over a year ago (24th September 2014). If this is not contradictory, at least it is confusing. But the fact that the 'U'K now calls for this referendum unavoidably justifies a second referendum by the Scottish, which this time might just tilt the tiny advantage of the former "No" (by less than 195.000 persons out of over 3,6 million - only some 5%) to a decisive "YES" for and independent Scotland, which at it's turn could also trigger renewed independence calls from Wales and Northern Ireland as well.
In that sense it is obvious that a Brexit would be favorable for the people from Scotland, Wales and northern-Ireland. And most probably they will be very welcomed (back) to a cleaned up and recovered Union of Europeans.

Yanis Varoufakis - Democratize Europe (highlight 00:44)

So being London the capital of an not quite so stable 'Union' itself and at the same time one of the least engaged capitals of the European Union, Europoliticians and MSM are still making a true drama over this possible Brexit. In fact they seem to be willing to make any kind of concession to London. Why?
But even more importantly:

Has anybody ever asked what Europa thinks?

Since the European politicians and MSM won't, EurOpinion will! 
And we will use the same wording and options as in the ballot to which the British people will be exposed, although the underlying question is, whether true Europa agrees in making concessions, just to keep London happy and in the Union, or is BREXIT better for Europa?

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